Internet Marketing

To ensure your website gets the right amount of exposure and visibility in the over crowded world of internet, you need the expertise of internet marketing practitioners and experts who know just how to gain visibility on search engines and social media. To make a global business you need to be truly proactive and highly visible.

Global Business

SEO is dead, long live SEO!

SEO lives on but it’s changing. Gone are the days when “SEO  specialists” would perform magic by changing a few tags and link building. Google has changed it’s way of assessing your website. As an ongoing effort to keep up with these changes, we tailor our internet marketing services. Our marketing techniques are highly effective and tailored to the new algorithm changes on Google.

social media

Google is the king of search engines and as far as Google is concerned there’s a definite shift from quantity to quality.  Content quality, level of activity, social & general internet chatter, reviews, video and many more  factors now contribute to the way search engines and especially Google rank your website.

What we can do for you

We aim to increase your company visibility and to increase your website traffic. We pride ourselves in the fact that we’ve in the past consistently achieved high rankings and increased targeted traffic even with our more basic campaigns. We’re highly proactive and we constantly keep clients informed by providing weekly & monthly reports. We are quite discriminating in the type of company we work with. We turn down business, if there is a conflict of interest.  That is if a potential client is exactly the same industry and/or locality as any of our current clients.